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[S02216] Census records, 1901

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[S02218] Certified birth certificate

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[S01923] Actual Document

[S03983] Wm Healey Descendent.FTW

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[S03163] Marriage Archives

[S02340] Death Archives

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[S03170] Marriage Certificate

[S02346] Death Certificate

[S03172] Marriage Certificate - Ingrid Kivisto & Merle Page

[S03997] Wright Family Gedcom

[S02348] Death Certificate - Saimi Mary Kivisto

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[S03633] Rockland's Grand Old Army

[S03220] ME 1810 Federal Census Index

[S03223] ME 1820 Federal Census Index

[S03226] Mercer, Beverly Haley (dmercer at Elgin, Penn.

[S02403] Death Certificate of Jerome B. Wood

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[S03230] Michigan Death Index database on Ancestry website

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[S03243] Mormon

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[S02434] Death Certificate of Orville T. Wood 11/1/1927

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[S02024] Alison Pligman


[S02027] Alison Pligman

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[S02033] Ancestral File (LDS Church)

[S03682] Scrapbook


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[S03275] Obituary of Beverly Lilienthal Courier Gazette


[S02453] Death or memorial service notice

[S03278] Obituary of Emma Synder

[S03688] (

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[S02464] Discussion with a close relative


[S02467] Divorce Decree

[S02056] database - Mass. Town Vital Records Collection

[S02469] Dorr, Russell A., Jr. (rdorr1 at


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